Ummming and Ahhhing: How not to choose a blog name

Hello and welcome to my blog. If you haven’t read the ‘about’ page, I’m a twenty seven year old Swansea Jack masquerading as a Cardiffian going through what one can only describe as a quarter-life crisis.

To give you a bit of context, last year I quit my job, set up an unsuccessful children’s party business, and then left the country for six months. I returned last month with only the clothes on my back, a rucksack full of chopsticks and a big, fat minus before the pound sign in my bank account. My boyfriend and I are currently looking for somewhere to live, and I have spent the past month trying and failing to map out the rest of my life.

Being an ever-aspiring writer and internet addict, I decided last week to put my time to good use and write a book. But being an ever-aspiring writer and internet addict, I got distracted on Facebook and the journey ended there. And so I find myself sat in my pyjamas (yes, I’m well aware it’s 4pm) starting a blog.

I have tried to keep a blog twice before – one was an environmental blog which consisted of five posts, and the other a travel blog which was a little more successful with a total number of 8 posts. Looking back, I can see why these blogs were unsustainable: I had a social life. That’s not to say that anyone keeping a blog lacks one, but I used to go out most nights to the theatre and exhibitions, to tango and zumba, and to wine and dine and socialise. These days my time is spent scanning job websites, searching the net for cheap and cheerful recipes, and reading. Not the most exciting subject for a blog, but I’ll give it a go anyway.

I’ve always found coming up with a blog name the most exciting part of the process, and today I made lists of possible ideas. I listed everything I could think of from what-it-says-on-the-tin “My mid-mid-life crisis blog” and “OMG I’m twenty seven”, to childhood pet names and favourite songs. The fun wore off quickly and after what felt like hours, I threw my up my hands and decided to pick a title from a hat. And the winner: ‘AhhhFishCakes’*. Brilliant. I considered tossing the strip of paper in the bin and picking another but that would feel like cheating.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how not to choose a blog name.

* In case you were wondering, ‘fish cakes’ is one of several substitute swear words my mum uses. Others include ‘fiddlesticks’, ‘shoot’, ‘drat’, and ‘Gordon Bennett’.

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