Top 5: New Favourite Words

After writing the Dave Gorman blog, I decided to spend a little while Googlewhacking – something I’ve not done in a long time. After half an hour of solid searching, I’ve yet to find a Googlewhack, but I have come across some cracking new words:

1. Novercaphobia – The Fear of Stepmothers.

Scary? Moi?!

Scary? Moi?!

2. Darbies – Handcuffs. This derived from “Darby and Joan,” because originally two prisoners were linked together as Darby and Joan.


3. Marchpane – The old English word for Marzipan, meaning ‘March Bread’.

Yes, Marzipan (or Marchpane) babies.

Yes, those are Marzipan (or Marchpane) babies.

4. Galeanthropy – The belief that you have become a cat.



5. Scandaroon – A homing pigeon.

Coo, coo.

Coo, coo.

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