Top 5: Vegan pumpkin recipes

Following the vegetarian pumpkin recipe post, here are my top 5 vegan pumpkin recipes, dedicated to my wonderful cousin in Berlin.

1. Squash nut burger from The Fig Tree

I love the description of this burger: “…soft without being too mushy”. Replace the squash with pumpkin, and put the seeds to good use by roasting them and add them to the bun. Recipe found here.

Squash nut burger

Squash nut burger from the Fig Treet

2. Cherry tomato and pumpkin laska from Tali’s Tomatoes

What can you do other than drool? Recipe found here.

Cherry tomato and pumpkin laska

Cherry tomato and pumpkin laska from Tali’s Tomatoes

3. Harvest vegetable stew from 86 Lemons

Perfect for Halloween, serve this homely stew to your party guests in mini pumpkins. Recipe found here.

Harvest vegetable stew

Harvest vegetable stew from 86 Lemons

4. Toasty pumpkin chickpea fritters from the Lunch Box Bunch

A quick and east snack, these pumpkin and chickpea fritters are a must this October! Recipe found here.

Toasty pumpkin chickpea fritters

Toasty pumpkin chickpea fritters from the Lunch Box Bunch

5. Pumpkin cheesecake with gingery crust from Bueno Vida

Also gluten-free, this vegan pumpkin cheesecake with a gingery crust is another on my to-try list this year. Recipe found here.

Pumpkin cheesecake with gingery crust

Pumpkin cheesecake with gingery crust from Bueno Vida


Top 5: Vegetarian pumpkin recipes

Having finally made the transition to vegetarian, I am constantly on the look out for new veggie recipes. With Halloween closely approaching, here are 5 mouth-watering vegetarian pumpkin recipes to tickle anyone’s taste buds. From spicy Indian cuisine to homely oven-baked dishes, it’s all covered here. Whatever you do this Halloween, don’t let your pumpkin go to waste!

1. Pumpkin, sage, and ricotta lasagne from

Put your carved pumpkin flesh to good use with this deliciously simple pumpkin, sage, and ricotta lasagne, a hearty meal for all the family. Find the recipe here.

Pumpkin lasagne

Pumpkin lasagne from

2. Red-lentil and pumpkin dahl from the Telegraph

For those who prefer something spicy, try this quick 30-minute pumpkin dahl recipe, and serve with a bowl of rice, a spoonful of yoghurt, and a sprig of coriander. Find the recipe here.

Red-lentil and pumpkin dahl

Red-lentil and pumpkin dahl from the Telegraph

3. Warm Squash Salad with Maple Balsamic Dressing from Wholehearted Eats

Although squash is used in the recipe, why not replace it with pumpkin? This recipe is truly delightful and will be top of my list this Halloween. Find the recipe here.

Squash Salad

Squash Salad from Wholehearted Eats

4. Caramelised Coconut Pumpkin Fries from Capture by Lucy

If you have a household of fussy eaters,  try these tasty caramelised coconut pumpkin fries as a treat this Halloween. Find the recipe here.

Caramelised pumpkin fries

Caramelised pumpkin fries from Capture by Lucy

5. Nutella and Pumpkin Cheese Cake Swirl Bars from Curry and Comfort

For something sweet, try these extraordinary pumpkin and nutella cheesecake swirl bars. The recipe uses tinned pumpkin, but if you have the time, turn your pumpkin into purée with a food blender. Find the recipe here.

Nutella and Pumpkin Cheesecake swirls

Nutella and Pumpkin Cheesecake swirl bars from Curry and Comfort

Top 5: Alarming things that happen in your late twenties

Hitting your late twenties and heading towards the big three-oh can be a traumatic experience. Here are my top 5 alarming things that happen in your late twenties (as told by e-cards).

1. You start to sound a lot more like your parents.


2. Your friends finally graduate in medicine and become real life doctors and nurses.


3. You get all of your information from social media.


4. You’ve lost more friends than you’ve made in the last five years.


5. Your friends start to settle and have children and you realise that life is not as cheerful it seemed.


Top 5: New Favourite Words

After writing the Dave Gorman blog, I decided to spend a little while Googlewhacking – something I’ve not done in a long time. After half an hour of solid searching, I’ve yet to find a Googlewhack, but I have come across some cracking new words:

1. Novercaphobia – The Fear of Stepmothers.

Scary? Moi?!

Scary? Moi?!

2. Darbies – Handcuffs. This derived from “Darby and Joan,” because originally two prisoners were linked together as Darby and Joan.


3. Marchpane – The old English word for Marzipan, meaning ‘March Bread’.

Yes, Marzipan (or Marchpane) babies.

Yes, those are Marzipan (or Marchpane) babies.

4. Galeanthropy – The belief that you have become a cat.



5. Scandaroon – A homing pigeon.

Coo, coo.

Coo, coo.

Top 5: Google Autocomplete Searches

I was reminded this morning of an incident in Thailand earlier this year where I was searching and came across this brilliant autocomplete search:


Google claims that its Autocomplete tool “helps you find information quickly by displaying searches that might be similar to the one you’re typing”. This prompted me to get my Google on and find the best Google Autocomplete searches (using Here are my findings:

1. Which is the Gay Ear?


2. Is there a way to increase penis size?


3. Is there any way to get taller?


4. Is it possible to live on Mars?


5. Where is Chuck Norris?


If you come across any funny Google Autcomplete searches, feel free to post them here!

Top 5: Stone Craft Ideas

Following my photo-a-day today, I thought I’d give you the background story of the stone-doodling.

Being a Craftgawker addict, I scroll through the dozen or so new craft and DIY projects posted each day, and most end up in my (seriously bulky) bookmarks folder which I ever-so-cleverly titled ‘Stuff’. Does: ‘I’ll save that one for a rainy day’ sound familiar?

Today I had a quick scroll through the endless links and one caught my eye: stone doodling. I’d noticed an unusually large pile of stones just outside the flat yesterday and decided that I would, for once, give this craft idea a go. The best thing about stone doodling is that if you have a sharpie marker and you can find a stone then you’re away! You don’t need glue guns or bias binding or any other expensive craftsy nonsense.

If you’re a crafty sew-and-sew, why not try these other stone tutorials too:

1. The Simple Doodle


2. The Crochet Stone Cosy


3. Stone Buttons


4. Stone Magnets


5. Stone Garden Markers




Top 5: Reasons to love July

It’s finally July and the sun is actually shining (yes – behind clouds, but what do you expect in Wales?). July is my favourite month, not only because it’s a visually pleasing word, but it reminds me of childhood summers spent climbing trees, roller skating, and making mud pies with my brother. No matter your plans for the summer, here are a few more reasons to love July:


1. You can unleash your milk-bottle legs upon the world without a care.
Peel off those leggings, and introduce those pale-and-pasties to Mrs. Sunshine. Who cares if you casually blind people with their brightness or if you didn’t bother shaving? Not you, that’s for sure. It’s just that summer look.

2. Ice creams get that little bit more special.
Ice cream vendors break away from the usual vanilla cones and chocolate flakes to tempt us with more exotic and outlandish flavours. My favourites include banoffee pie, vanilla fudge, and refreshing peach sorbet. Delicious.

3. Sandcastle competitions are a must.


You’re bound to visit a beach at some point during July, and who can deny the hours of fun and frustration spent competing in obligatory sandcastle challenges with family and friends? Even if you don’t like sand, you just can’t help but join in – and you’ll even find yourself waiting until the bitter end when your lovingly constructed fortress is eventually crushed by waves.

4. You can order pretentious summer cocktails without feeling like a douchbag.
Forget your Guinness and G&T’s: pull your fancy pants on and order yourself a classy summertime cooler. For bonus points, go all out and order the most pretentiously named cocktail on the menu.

5. Wearing sunglasses is now socially acceptable.
Larry David said “You know who wears sunglasses? Blind people and assholes.” I usually tend to agree, but come July, the assholes are let off.

Larry David