Top 5: Reasons to love July

It’s finally July and the sun is actually shining (yes – behind clouds, but what do you expect in Wales?). July is my favourite month, not only because it’s a visually pleasing word, but it reminds me of childhood summers spent climbing trees, roller skating, and making mud pies with my brother. No matter your plans for the summer, here are a few more reasons to love July:


1. You can unleash your milk-bottle legs upon the world without a care.
Peel off those leggings, and introduce those pale-and-pasties to Mrs. Sunshine. Who cares if you casually blind people with their brightness or if you didn’t bother shaving? Not you, that’s for sure. It’s just that summer look.

2. Ice creams get that little bit more special.
Ice cream vendors break away from the usual vanilla cones and chocolate flakes to tempt us with more exotic and outlandish flavours. My favourites include banoffee pie, vanilla fudge, and refreshing peach sorbet. Delicious.

3. Sandcastle competitions are a must.


You’re bound to visit a beach at some point during July, and who can deny the hours of fun and frustration spent competing in obligatory sandcastle challenges with family and friends? Even if you don’t like sand, you just can’t help but join in – and you’ll even find yourself waiting until the bitter end when your lovingly constructed fortress is eventually crushed by waves.

4. You can order pretentious summer cocktails without feeling like a douchbag.
Forget your Guinness and G&T’s: pull your fancy pants on and order yourself a classy summertime cooler. For bonus points, go all out and order the most pretentiously named cocktail on the menu.

5. Wearing sunglasses is now socially acceptable.
Larry David said “You know who wears sunglasses? Blind people and assholes.” I usually tend to agree, but come July, the assholes are let off.

Larry David

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