Top 5: Stone Craft Ideas

Following my photo-a-day today, I thought I’d give you the background story of the stone-doodling.

Being a Craftgawker addict, I scroll through the dozen or so new craft and DIY projects posted each day, and most end up in my (seriously bulky) bookmarks folder which I ever-so-cleverly titled ‘Stuff’. Does: ‘I’ll save that one for a rainy day’ sound familiar?

Today I had a quick scroll through the endless links and one caught my eye: stone doodling. I’d noticed an unusually large pile of stones just outside the flat yesterday and decided that I would, for once, give this craft idea a go. The best thing about stone doodling is that if you have a sharpie marker and you can find a stone then you’re away! You don’t need glue guns or bias binding or any other expensive craftsy nonsense.

If you’re a crafty sew-and-sew, why not try these other stone tutorials too:

1. The Simple Doodle


2. The Crochet Stone Cosy


3. Stone Buttons


4. Stone Magnets


5. Stone Garden Markers




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